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The Power Of Network Marketing

I found this on the new site and wanted to share it with every person in my downline. This is really awesome and true! It really is all about going through the numbers in network marketing until you succeed

The Price Of The Promise

The Power Of Network Marketing

Mark Yarnell, minister in a small town in Texas, was headed for bankruptcy and just about to lose his car and home. He looked for a way out and discovered network marketing. Luckily, he had a wise sponsor.

The sponsor gave Mark “THE PROMISE”. “This business can set you free financially in one to three years.”

But he also gave him “THE PRICE” “To succeed, you will have to face and conquer 4 major enemies.”

Mark said, "It’s a deal".

Mark began by inviting 200 friends over to his house to watch a video.  80 said “No, not interested”

- Mark had encountered ENEMY #1: Rejection.

He thought, “No problem. My sponsor warned me about that. I’ve got 120 people still coming over.” Guess what?

- He had just encountered ENEMY #2:  Deception.

Mark thought, “No problem.  My sponsor warned me about that. I’ve got 70 people who watched the tape.” Guess what? 57 said “Not Interested”.

- He had just encountered ENEMY #3:  Apathy.

Undaunted, Mark thought, “No problem.  13 people signed up.”  Guess what?  12 of them dropped out of the business shortly thereafter.

- He had just encountered ENEMY #4:  Attrition.

Attrition had left Mark with just one serious associate. But to this day, that single distributor earns Mark over $50,000 per month. Mark Yarnell’s story is NOT Unique!

You may have heard of Bill Britt, one of the most successful distributors in Amway. Some years ago, 20/20 did a feature story on Amway. They spent 19 minutes interviewing whiners and complainers – several distributors who had failed and showed the garages full of products they couldn’t sell.

During the last minute of the show, Mr. Britt was interviewed in front of his palatial home. He was asked, “Mr. Britt, this business has obviously worked for you. What’s your secret?”

He replied, “There is no secret. I simply showed the plan to 1200 people. 900 said, ‘No’ and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all.

Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire.” Like Mark Yarnell, Bill worked through the numbers.

Jason Boreyko, former co-founder of New Vision, told this story recently. When he was a distributor in Matol, he signed up 50 people. He heard a lot of “No’s” on the way to those 50. Jason took one man, who he knew would be terrific in the business to lunch, told him about the business and the man said “No.”

Jason took the man to lunch again the next month and told him the updates. Once again the man said, “No.” Jason sent him some more information and took him to lunch again the next month. And again the man said, “No.”

That went on for six months. The seventh month, something had changed for the man, and he said, “Yes.” That man made Jason over one million dollars. Jason also worked through his numbers.

According to Richard Poein Wave Three while starting Amway, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, America’s eleventh richest people, recruited 500 people. 495 dropped out. The five that didn’t quit built Amway. All $7 billion of Amway’s business was built under those 5
people. Jay and Rich had to work through their numbers. There are many similar stories.

Jeff, the top money earner in Mannatech, signed up 27 people his first month. One might think that he is especially talented at sponsoring. Actually, Jeff will be the first to tell you that he is not talented at all. 

In fact, he feels that he did very poorly. To recruit those 27, Jeff talked to 2000 people that first month. And of the 27, the only one who did anything significant with the business was Ray Gebauer, who has more than half of Mannatech in his down line.

Jeff’s word to you is that the numbers never lie. Pick your goal and then get into massive action. If you talk to enough people, you will make it!

Here’s the lesson: Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed. Mark Yarnell’s odds were 1 out of 50. (Jeff’s were really 1 out of 2000.) 

Would you be willing to go through 200 people to find the 1 who will make you $50,000 a month? Or go through 200 people to become a millionaire? Or hear uncounted “No’s” to sign up 50 people to find a million dollar person? I hope you will. It’s easier when you know the odds up front.

But here’s the catch: You have your own set of odds and you won’t know what they are until AFTER YOU’VE SUCCEEDED. So if you’ve gone through 50 or 100 people and you haven’t found 1 serious person yet, you can either give up or assume the business doesn’t work or recognize that you are working through your own numbers.

Are you willing to find out what your own set of odds is? That means that you must pay the price for freedom. Remember that the numbers never fail you. Despite where you are in your skill level, your success is assured if you talk to enough people. And as your skill
improves, so will your odds. 

There is no such thing as luck in this industry.  Winning big is a matter of being willing to pay the price.

Are you willing to pay the price? Your future is in your hands! The choices which you make today will determine the course of your entire future.

May you have a Successful Future in all aspects of Your Life.

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Your First Year In Network Marketing

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Numismatic gold and silver coins Review

Everyone wan't to know if Numis Network a scam or is this really a excellent business opportunity? Numis Network advise they have a magnificent opportunity that possibly will create your financial freedom by working its network marketing company model. Numis Network associates accumulate numismatic gold and silver coins which has the chance of helping you keep your wealth for years to come, but is this all just nothing but hype?

Numis Network was founded by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, Jake Kevorkian and officially opened the doors in September 2009. They united with Infomercial celebrity presentor Mike Mezack, a specialist on coin collecting and the marketing of numismatic coins. The business markets products such as precious metal coins and have the intention of becoming the biggest seller in the world by utilizing the force of network marketing as a sales channel.
Numismatics translated means the research of coins and other comparable items used as currency.

We now live in a period where new network marketing opportunities seem to launch every other day, everyone out here seems to be marketing most things from juice drinks to gas and electricity, so what makes this any more unique than the rest. When this business landed on my desk the immediate thought was "here we go again, another MLM which claims to make me a millionaire within the next 2 weeks", I was about to move on with the rest of day when I was encouraged to check out the business with more of an open mind so I did, 2 minutes later I was ringing my friend back enquiring more information on Numis Network.

Numis is basically taking benefit of 2 massive trends happening right now in the world today, first of all if you have been on planet earth within the last 5000 years you will be totally aware that precious metals like gold and silver are expensive materials. In present years the price of gold and silver has pretty much gone in one direction only "UP", this means if you have been keeping hold of this stuff over the last couple years today i'm sure the grin on your face stretches from ear to ear. The 2nd trend is the ever convincing network marketing business model. Thousands of businesses have now reverted to network marketing as the benefits have seen companies increase at rapid speed. Experienced network marketers Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent and Jake Kevorkian viewed this as the ideal route to market.

There are constant concerns and scepticism with new businesses of this nature and Numis Network does not escape this stigma. The uncertainty of "is numis network a scam" is a real question that everyone ought to definately ask. The expressions "illegal pyramid scheme" and "rip off" come to mind so its right to be careful and always do some background research. From carrying out my own due diligence I can verify Numis is most definitely not a scam.

The major question that I had when initially looking into this business was what the heck am I going to do with coins, yes I can collect them and keep them in my draw for a rainy day but who else buys these coins? Upon further investigation it was pleasantly identified that numismatic coins is indeed a $100 billion worldwide industry! This immediately settles any uncertainty on whether there is a large industry for this type of thing. The cost of gold and silver has gone through the roof and I think it is just the start. A lot of this is caused because the worth of the dollar is going down. The Federal Reserve is pumping more and more cash into the U.S economy. The “dollars” in circulation is now known as a fiat currency because it is not backed by anything. Basically it is just paper, and only has the value that we give it. Thousands of U.S residence are now putting there well earned money into assets such as numismatic coins amidst fears of the dollar collapsing.

When speaking about collecting gold and silver coins most people think of coins as bullion. A bullion coin is principally worth just the price of the metal content. Bullion is susceptible to the market going up and down. Numismatic coins are more of a collectible and something that you can keep and pass down for your childrens children children. Coin collecting is recognized as the “hobby of kings” and there has always been a huge market for it. Lots of your family and friends may well be coin collectors. Whether you are collecting the state coins or are a collector of rare coins. One of the world’s most collected coins is the American Silver Eagle. Which happens to be the Numis’ flagship product

Numismatic coins are valued including 4 factors in mind. 1) precious metal content 2) rarity 3) collector demand 4) actual condition

One of the most essential factors is the condition of the coin. Numismatic coins are graded on a Sheldon scale from 1-70 with 70 being the highest grade achievable. Any coin graded at 70 is a perfect coin and is the finest you can buy. Numis Network only deals with the best, therefore they only retail mint state 70 coins.

Numis Network has a great lasting pay plan, representatives earning commissions for sales made right through their network which can multiply to an unlimited level. There are lots and lots of bonuses that have been incorporated to assist produce a satisfactory income without delay. From being apart of the network industry for quite some time I must admit Numis holds the best compensation plan that I have been privileged to view. The company has proven to be such a splendid opportunity that marketing leaders from all over have jumped on board and have already produced some magnificent results. Numis is a excellent new business which many are looking to take full advantage, this means locking your spot now can assist even the most inexperienced marketers produce a good income within a rapid period of time. Even celebrities like Hulk Hogan and many others are capitalising on this opportunity to create and sustain financial wealth. Collectors themselves are even joining in on the fun to take advantage of the discounted numismatic coins offered to representatives.

Purchasing and selling your coins is simple, visit for more info on numismatic coins available for you to own today.

After specific research I can safely say there is no superior home based business than Numis Network, they are taking complete advantage of the two trends in a huge way. It is the single home based business that has a product everybody wants, everyone needs, and you can never have too much of it. How much would your net worth be if you had a garage full of Numismatic coins right now. If you are going to sell something why not sell money? If you are going to collect something why not collect gold and silver.
In conclusion, is Numis Network a scam? Definitely not, knowing how to market your business will have an immediate impact on your success. Connecting with a winning team can help kick start your business starting today. To view the full Numis presentation Click This Link and fill out the form below NOW