Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MySpace Co-Founder Starts Another Explosive Giant

MySpace Co-Founder Starts Another Explosive Giant!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Global Verge wins $44 million lawsuit against Zer01

Click below for more info:

 Thursday May 20th, 2010 
IT'S OFFICIAL.  Global Verge was awarded a $44M judgment against Zer01 Mobile and Ben Piilani today!
I spoke with GV President, Ted Robbins earlier this afternoon and he was obviously ecstatic.  It will be a week or two before it is posted as a public record because of the filing process, but the judgment HAS been officially awarded in a Las Vegas court this morning. When Ted and I talked he stated "This is a monumental day for Global Verge.  During the past year we engaged in a contractual agreement with Zer01 for technology they were never able to bring to the table.  Over the past 9 months we have been going to battle in the courts.  Meanwhile in the media and on the internet we have been raked over the coals by people accusing us as being the culprit in this matter. The court has ruled and we have finally been vindicated.  Tell everyone that in this industry to be awarded $44M is HUGE!"  Ted also asked me to thank everyone that stuck with us because there were a number of people that were trying to convince our e-Associates that we were wrong. "We have finally set the record straight" he said. 
There you have it folks.  Ted made a statement when we recorded the corporate call about an hour ago that "Global Verge is HERE TO STAY!"  Make sure you listen to tonight's recorded corporate call.  It is great!    
From my personal point of view, I think this is fantastic.  I know how hard Ted has been working behind the scenes and today's court decision speaks volumes.  But more importantly what really impressed me is that on the call today Ted made a point to say that as a company Global Verge never desired or wanted any of this.  However, from his  point of view it was about protecting the Global Verge members and protecting the  company.  He said that they have other litigation pending and that his hope is that this sends a message that "if you have intentions of going into a company and screwing with their membership base, it won't be tolerated."  He said that "just because we have been silent doesn't mean that we are weak.  Things like this have a major affect on people and their families and we are proud to stand up to it.  We intend to continue to stand up to it." 
Now let's switch gears... 
Ted spent the entire day with Sprint yesterday.  As you know Global Verge has partnered with Sprint on a deal with their membership base; this means all of you e-Associates.  Ted announced today that as of June 5th we will be able to purchase a Sprint EVO phone that is going to be the hottest thing out.  It was evidently just awarded a best technology award at one of the latest mobile shows.  Ted is a self admitted "tech junkie" and he was very excited when he talked about this mobile handset.  Evidently not only does it have front and back cameras so it can do video, but in Ted's words it is also an Android phone operating on steroids.  It has GPS capability that is extremely fast on 4G technology.  It has a built in wireless hot spot that can be linked with six or eight computers simultaneously.  Ted was also very surprised that the phone will be able to access data and do calling at the same time.  In addition to all of this, it works with HD quality.  This means that you will be able to download a movie to the phone and then plug it into the TV to show an HD movie on your TV.   He didn't have the exact prices yet so don't quote this, but he said that the retail price will be somewhere around $299 for what he thinks is about a $500 or $600 phone so we will get a great price and make great commissions on this. 
Hooray Hooray it is a great day.
Have an awesome week!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How To make MONEY with YOUR Twitter posts. Try Sokule

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Review Ad-Ventures4U

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Ad-ventures4U is one of the best online advertising sites on the Internet today. Not only is your website shown, but Ad-Ventures4U has extreme revenue sharing that shares up to 90% of the profits with it's members. Ad-ventures4U is free to join, provides a banner exchange, a text ad exchange and the most importantly link tracking. Unlike other traffic exchanges, Ad-ventures4U pays you to use their system as long as you surf the required sites per day. If you're looking for online income that can become a lifetime income check out the extreme revenue share provided at

360 Smart Line Review , 360SmartLine

360 Smart Line is new company that is launching May 15th. The great thing about this company is that they are allowing people to join for free before May 15th. This is phenomenal because it is giving people the opportunity to build their down-line. I have never seen a pre-launch before where any MLM Business was giving people this type of advantage.

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If you have done your research on MLM Business's than you know the people who join first are the one's who are making the most money in that company. Some people never get the opportunity to join first in the prelaunch stage. In my primary business, the company has only been in the United States for only three years (but have been around for 20 years), and the people who were among the first to join are the huge leaders in the company.

Many Network Marketers know it can be very hard to build a down-line because some people really don't have the money to join or they don't want to waste their money on something they are unsure about. There are a lot of people who don't join MLM's because they are afraid. This is not the time to have any fears or be scared, this is the opportunity to go out and build your down-line for FREE.

With most MLM Business, you receive your paycheck monthly and you have to go on auto ship. With 360 Smart Line there are no monthly auto ship requirement and you start receiving your paycheck weekly that is a bonus in itself. One more awesome bonus is that you can qualify for a Lexus. They are not playing in this company.

Another thing that was awesome with this MLM Business is that you receive several bonuses in a month but one of the bonuses that you will receive will be in the amount of $100-$5,000 per month. The company is not allowing you to keep this money; instead you have to donate it out. I just think this is remarkable. Not only will you be having success but you will be able to help others. Click Here For More Info

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review Of Coupon Cactus

Cactus was created for people who love saving money. It allows you to save money in a number of different ways. On Coupon Cactus you will find thousands of online coupons and coupon codes with a variety of discounts including money off your order, a percentage off your order, and free shipping. It also has link to fantastic clearance sales and other great promotions. The coupons are free to everyone and there is no registration required. They also offer a cash back shopping program which Coupon Cactus members can use on top of great coupon discounts they already receive. They also negotiated with several well-known online retailers to provide you with coupons, coupon codes, and promotional codes exclusive to Coupon Cactus. To make sure that you don’t miss any of their money-savings coupons, you can sign up for their coupon Alert System and they will send you new coupons, promotion codes, and deals right to your email inbox. You can search the coupons by category, or by the biggest discounts coupons.
Read more:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

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HitSafari REVIEW - Explore the Wonders of Great Traffic

Service Description

Hit Safari is a traffic exchange advertising program created and run by internet marketer Paula Zuehlke. This program allows members to earn advertising in the form of visits to their websites, promotional banners and text ads by visiting other member websites. Members can also purchase credits toward advertising. There is a referral system in place for earning credits and cash by recruiting active members to the program.

Detailed Overview

One of the things that Hit Safari owner Paula Zuehlke emphasizes about the program is that it focuses on getting traffic to your website. There is commission money to be made, but Zuehlke does not claim that you’ll get rich with it. She does claim, however, that you’ll get decent traffic to your website if you work the system.

Hit Safari is basic and easy to use. When you join, you add your websites to the rotation, and then you can start earning credits by surfing other member websites. You can also purchase credits and earn credits by referring other people to the program.

There are three levels of membership at Hit Safari; free, pro, and pro2. Free members earn 1 visit to their websites for every 2 member sites that they visit; paid members get a 1 to 1 ratio. Free members have to surf to earn credits or purchase them; paid members are given extra credits each month. There are more benefits for paid members, and the good news is that if you want to upgrade to pro or pro2, they only cost $5.00 per month and $9.95 per month respectively. For a traffic exchange program, those are good rates.

You can use your earned or purchased Hit Safari credits for surfs to your website, banner advertising or text link advertising, and that is basically what the program is about. You can earn cash from your referrals, but the program is mainly about getting website traffic.


Hit Safari is enjoying a good reputation among traffic exchange users. Members report that the program is easy to use, customer service is responsive about solving any issues and commissions are paid quickly. Paula Zuehlke seems to know her stuff, and it’s apparent in the programs that she runs. This program looks solid.
HitSafari - Explore the wonders of great traffic

AdKreator Business Review.

AdKreator Review

Advertising on the internet requires consistency and
freshness, especially using traffic exchanges.

* New Splash page... average price $50
* New Banner ... average price $10
* New HTML Login offer ... average price $15
* New Lead capture page... average price $50
* Website and Hosting monthly ... ???

Well you get the how about ...

Finding a graphics designer with time..near impossible.
Getting the exact design you want... frustrating.

Need to change, test your advertising splash pages and
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Just creating one of each, approximately 30 minutes
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That's just one of each, no limitations on how many
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change. Your desire is the ONLY limitation...

Use the hundreds of provided templates and art
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Templates designed by a Pro and well known graphic
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Kreate your own splash pages, banners, buttons,
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Get the Idea...adKreator is PRICELESS!

Test it for yourself, grab it now, put your
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