Monday, October 22, 2012

Motor Club of America MLM Business Opportunity

Motor Club of America MLM Business Opportunity .  Motor Club of America has a program that can help your family have peace of mind knowing you have some protection against the unforeseen.  Since our inception in 1926, we have been providing our members with the finest products and services available in the motor club industry. Our program has been custom designed to work with your automobile insurance, filling in the voids to provide members with complete motoring protection.
Motor Club of America MCA stand ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please take a moment to review your member benefits. Those benefits include the following below:

  • Emergency Road Service
  • Emergency Towing Service
  • Emergency Travel and Living Expenses
  • Lawyer Service for Moving Violations
  • Lawyer Service for Auto Manslaughter and Auto Assault and Battery
  • Lawyer Service for Auto Related Personal Injury
  • Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters
  • $500 Arrest Bond Certificate
  • $25,000 Bail Bond Service for Criminal Charges Arising from an Auto Accident
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • $500 Stolen Farm and Ranch Equipment Reward
  • Touring and Travel Service
  • Membership Card (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
  • Key Medallion Lost Key Return Program
  • Auto Decal (Actual Decal coming under separate cover)
  • Discounts on Vision, Prescriptions and Dental (Actual Card coming under separate cover)
  • Discounts on Hotel/Motel and Car Rental
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Personal Accident Emergency Room Benefit
  • Personal Accident Hospital Stay Benefit
  • Persona Accidental Death / Dismemberment Benefit
  • Additional Accidental Death / Dismemberment
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance Program

  • How Much Does This Cost ===>> $19.95/month


    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    FlixsNow Business Review - MLM- Dr. Jack Johnson, the creator of MAGICJACK,

    Do you know anyone who rents movies?
    FlixsNow vs Netflix what should you do?.  I sometimes rent movies and the cost does adds up so that is why this really appealed to me.
    Dr. Jack Johnson, the creator of MAGICJACK, founded FlixsNow, a program (like Netflix) with a distinct difference.
    Unlimited movies for an entire year for $25. You don't have to do anything but subscribe and get your movies.
    You have the option to earn income by telling your friends, but you don't have to do this to get the great deal.
    By subscribing now - should you change your mind in the future and decide to become an affiliate (no cost) you may be surprised to learn that spillover has already begun to build under your subscription spot.
    I emphasize, you do not have to do anything but subscribe and receive movies for a year, through the mail (just like Netflix) - with no mailing fees whatsoever, not coming or sending back.
    You cannot even pay right now - the company starts accepting paid business on Monday, February 20, 2012.
    Blue Ray and Ultra Sonic will be available soon.
    You cannot pay until Monday, Feb 20, 2012 - when the company officially launches. Then you will have 48 hours to pay for your $25 yearly subscription, to prevent losing your position.
    Should you decide to become an AFFILIATE (no cost associated with this step):
    1. When you have 6 paid subscriptions under you, from the efforts of you and your team, you earn $25.
    2. You will begin to earn commissions for all the subscriptions you sell or that are sold through the people on your team.
    As an AFFILIATE, you will receive:
    * A replicated Web site
    * Back Office access
    * Payments made instantly (right now through PayPal - but other options are being considered also.)
    * Marketing Support
    * No cost to join until Feb. 20, 2012 (You'll need a PayPal account until other ways to pay come aboard - Getting a PayPal account is easy - Go to
    I believe this is a great opportunity to save money on movie rentals while earning extra cash.
    Latest updates from last night's webinar:
    1. Pre-launch will be on Monday, Feb 20. At that time, we will be able to pay the $25 for our subscriptions. Instructions will go out via email in batches of approximately 250 per hour. There will also be conference calls reviewing the steps we need to take to be processed correctly. You will have only 48 hours to make your payment or be placed in a pending status, losing your place in the matrix.
    2. After Feb 20, the price goes up so use these next few days to sign up as many free affiliates as possible.
    3. Promotional period has been extended thru March 1. You have until then to get 2 who each get 2, making you a Movie Director. This will allow you to earn higher commissions.
    4. Live chat for affiliate support is on the way.
    5. FlixsNow currently has 5 distribution centers for the DVDs with more to come. There will be no additional charges for shipping. They will be mailed to you with postage-paid return envelopes.
    6. When people join as subscribers only, they will be placed in your matrix and will count in your totals for advancement. Customers may upgrade to affiliate status at any time to start earning commissions on their referrals.
    I think this looks like a great program that will no doubt pay for itself if nothing else!  Being in early on the ground floor also has its benefits so don't delay!