Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phone Broadcast Club "phone broadcast club" Review

Phone Broadcast Club Business Review:
Business owners today are seeking cost ways to increase sales and decreasing spending. While more and more individuals are using voicemail broadcasting to generate leads can voicemail broadcast be considered an effective marketing tool?
The Phone Broadcast Club has recently emerged as a service that gives you the ability to contact hundreds or even thousands of highly targeted prospects with the simple click of a button but how cost effective is this system?

How does the system work?

Club members receive immediate access to the members area upon payment. Each member will create a user name and password that will give them access to the members area.
There is no software to download and you system can virtually be set up within minutes.
1. Make a decision on which leads you will use in the system: MLM Genealogy leads or Business to Business leads, purchase wholesale leads from Phone Broadcast Club or upload your own purchased leads from an outside vendor.
2. Let the system know what time and day you would like to broadcast to begin and end
3. Upload your phone list
4. Either use one of the pre-recorded professional voice messages provided in the back office or call a special number and record your message over the phone.
5. Test the call to insure everything is working properly then press send to broadcast the call to your prospect.


Similar systems can run you anywhere from $500 - $10,000. Phone Broadcast Club has made this system affordable for everyone at a cost of $100 plus a one time set-up fee of $25.00 and a $24.95 monthly fee for maintenance, access to leads, etc.
Extensive training is provided via video, training manual and webinar. Members can also receive one on one support via telephone or email.

The cost to send a 30 second connect call can cost as much as 12 cents per call with many companies. The Phone broadcast Club wholesale cost for a 30 second connect call is 1.8 cents per minute making it one of the most affordable voicemail broadcasting systems available.
Over 15 professional voice recorded messages are available to club members at no additional cost. Members can simply download the recorded calls to their computer then upload them into the voicemail broadcasting system.

The Phone Broadcast Club seems to understand the need for its members to start earning immediately. The Phone Broadcast Club has added a reverse 2 up compensation plan which allows members to earn $100 on their first, third training sale and every sale after the fourth sale. The second and forth training sales are passed up to their enroller.

The Phone Broadcast Club provides a scrub against the Do Not Call List and also has a feature which will give you the option of blocking calls to cellular numbers. This is extremely important as it is against the law to make a sales call to cellular number without the prospects authorization since the prospects has to pay for the call.


Although the founder of the Phone Broadcast Club has been in the voice messaging industry for over 5 years , the Phone Broadcast Club is less than six months old and has over 1000+ subscribers.
While Phone Broadcast Club provides free access to MLM and Business to Business leads they do not provide access to Consumer Leads.
To help keep the cost down Phone Broadcast Club does provide a robust lead capture page but does not provide a lead capture voice mail box with 800 number. You can set up a voicemail service for free at several providers which may be recommended by your enroller.
Like with email marketing, there are going to people individuals who simply do not want to receive your voicemail broadcast. It is very important to use a targeted list.


The Phone Broadcast Club simply annihilates it competitors in cost, reliability and ease of use. In an unstable economy, business owners are seeking ways to increase sales and decrease spending. The Phone Broadcast Club gives you the ability to contact thousands of prospects and increase sales for our business. Add this tool to your advertising arsenal and experience and increase in traffic and sales for your business.

 For more information on voice broadcasting / phone broadcasting / phone broadcast club check out broadcast4leads.com

Sunday, January 23, 2011

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How Does Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping Work?

How Does Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping Work?

Can you really make money at it?
For companies that operate multi-unit locations, Mystery Shopping quantifies how each unit operates in comparison with the others based on predefined standards of expectation and objectives.
Mystery Shopping is the conducting of specialized research methodology used for monitoring, measuring, and helping companies to maintain operational standards and compliance of their customer service and their operations.
People who perform mystery shopping or secret shopping are called Shoppers, Mystery Shoppers, Secret Shoppers, Evaluators, Auditors, and maybe even Consultants. Since the main term is mystery shopping, we will use that terminology.
This information is achieved without the bias that can accompany in-house employee perceptions. Mystery shopping provides a clearer, more accurate picture of the customers' experiences and the client company’s strengths and weaknesses.
Mystery Shoppers are, as the name implies, people who are to pose as a customer or shopper and are acting undercover as a normal customer while they are actually evaluating the customer service and cleanliness of an establishment.

Mystery shops are also conducted to detect theft, and check promotions, and perform competitive intelligence.  

Mystery Shoppers are hired by mystery shopping companies or are hired directly by the client. Read more......