Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phone Gold Miner Review

Let's start with the oldest school of training for network marketing, talking to family and friends. This still works, as much as it has been criticized on the web. That method is just ineffective because you more than likely will end up speaking with quitters who want to make money as opposed wanted to own a business. Add to that they are unskilled in this industry and as you already know there is a huge learning curve. Now the trend is attraction marketing, which is ultimately the if you build it they will come method. Different strategies have been taught as far casting a bigger net, to casting a small net to attract new prospects while only targeting network marketers to your business or service via the internet. That's all well and dandy, but it's time consuming narcissism in my opinion that is not widely duplicated at a profitable level. It's more so if I act like a guru, I will not have to actually work hard to become one, because I look like a guru with my web camera. Honestly, to successfully implement the attraction strategy requires a lot writing and videos tutorials, when the majority of your time needs to be spent on the phone closing sales for you and your team.

In comes Phone Gold Miner, on the surface the true value of this vital piece of software may not initially be clearly visible. On the contrary, Power Gold Miner is hands down an amazing tool. Simply because it levels the playing field for most network marketers when it comes to lead generation. If you don't want to bother your family and friends and exhaust your warm market this is tool for you. If you don't want to write articles and make youtube videos this is the tool for you. Here's why: Phone Gold Miner is a scraper that gathers names number and emails based on search engine criteria and website information. This means you can gather the contact info for active network marketers and pitch your business, product or training to trained network marketers. If you are doubting whether you should buy Phone Gold Miner, it's a no brainer investment simply because you do not have to buy leads ever again nor do you have to waste time advertising and making videos for social sites hoping that if you build it they will come. See 95 to 97% of all network marketers fail in network marketing. That means that 97% of the network marketers you contact are making less than $150 week in their current network marketing company. Do those sound like good leads? Do they already believe in network marketing? Are you working with better quality prospects? Yes, Yes and Yes!

The pros and your competition is using this software right now, can you afford not to? Do you really want to explode your business? Are you in it for the long haul or are you just looking to make a few bucks? If you are really trying to build your business, then why not invest in your own lead generation tool? Or do you still want to be dependent on buying leads and competing with these "YouTube Gurus"? Is it really that difficult of a decision?

Why should you buy Phone Gold Miner from my link? Extra training of course. I'll let you in on my personal strategies and tips that I use for search engine optimization, closing recruits, staying focused and increasing your own personal value. Not enough? Good! I'll also give you my link to an inexpensive phone blaster that I use to recruit starting with a little as $10. I don't want you just email blasting your leads and getting no results. So you get more just by being on my Phone Gold Miner team! Get Your Copy of Phone Gold Miner Pro Today!

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