Sunday, January 23, 2011

How Does Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping Work?

How Does Secret Shopping | Mystery Shopping Work?

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For companies that operate multi-unit locations, Mystery Shopping quantifies how each unit operates in comparison with the others based on predefined standards of expectation and objectives.
Mystery Shopping is the conducting of specialized research methodology used for monitoring, measuring, and helping companies to maintain operational standards and compliance of their customer service and their operations.
People who perform mystery shopping or secret shopping are called Shoppers, Mystery Shoppers, Secret Shoppers, Evaluators, Auditors, and maybe even Consultants. Since the main term is mystery shopping, we will use that terminology.
This information is achieved without the bias that can accompany in-house employee perceptions. Mystery shopping provides a clearer, more accurate picture of the customers' experiences and the client company’s strengths and weaknesses.
Mystery Shoppers are, as the name implies, people who are to pose as a customer or shopper and are acting undercover as a normal customer while they are actually evaluating the customer service and cleanliness of an establishment.

Mystery shops are also conducted to detect theft, and check promotions, and perform competitive intelligence.  

Mystery Shoppers are hired by mystery shopping companies or are hired directly by the client. Read more......

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