Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SevenPoint2 Review Business Opportunity Information... SP2

SevenPoint2 Review Business Opportunity Information... If you are looking to join a winning team with a company that has developed some products of significant health benefits, then continue reading below:

SevenPoint2 is positioned to become the ultimate business opportunity in Network Marketing and the MLM industry.  This is a bold statement but said with basis.

Meet the SevenPoint2 management team:

Jason Boreyko - Under Jason’s leadership, he grew his former company to the fastest growing network marketing company to reach $100 million dollars in  just 13 months, generated over one billion dollars in combined sales  in just seven years, recruited over 1.4 million distributors with offices worldwide whose team created 40 millionaires and generated over $350 million dollars in commissions.

Sam Adams - past accomplishment created a massive health movement with a mineral supplement that grew to a $250 million dollar a year business with over 500,000 distributors.

Dr. Howard Cohn, who has spent over 17 years in direct marketing and the network marketing as a product and sales trainer and has been involved in product development and testing thousands of nutritional and health products and taught and lectured internationally on the subjects of diet and nutrition and alternative health care.

Together, these unique gentlemen have teamed up to launch SevenPoint2, the world’s first alkaline movement and the alkaline weight loss challenge introducing products that will help you achieve and maintain a proper pH balance.

The corporate team of SevenPoint2 ™ has put into place an extremely generous compensation plan, a car bonus program, and a remarkable product line that is poised to take this company to the top and more importantly for you, take you to the top.  

Take action now, please visit and get started to today.  You are about to embark on the journey of your life.


  1. That's amazing mate and seems like a long journey
    you been through but u taste the success, i am also working for an MLM company and i m really
    impressed with the success you have achieved. you are my inspiration. Thanks

    MLM Software

  2. I am excited to announce that SevenPoint2 did $500,000 in retail-priced sales in their first month. That is on par with industry records! Its an exciting time to be part of an Alkaline Movement like this.

    SevenPoint2 Diamond