Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Body by Vi Shakes Review
The trend is happening right now!  Why did 80,000 people join ViSalus' 90 Day Challenge last month? Because the product WORKS and the program PAYS!

ViSalus Sciences is backed by Blyth, Inc. - a billion dollar company. In fact, Blyth increased its stake from 43.6% to 57.5% on April 15, 2011!

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You won't find anything on the market that tastes better than the Body by Vi Shakes!  Eat what you want for one meal a day and replace the other 2 with a delicious shake.  Hundreds of combinations - you'll find your favorites.  Mine is raspberry/blackberry and I also really like banana/peanut butter - YUM

About the Body by Vi™ 90-Day Challenge

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  2. Congratulations to our new team members who joined the Shrinking Man Group and accepted the 90 Day Challenge:

    Rob Duncan, London, ON
    Pat O'Hagan, London, ON
    Geoff Mitchell, London, ON
    David Caskey, St. Thomas, ON
    John Lloyd, London, ON
    Shrinking Major, Toronto, ON
    Dan Clancy, Arkona, ON
    Cathy Elliott, Arkona, ON
    David & Angie Knowles, Chatham, ON

    Follow our personal progress here:

    Do you own a restaurant?

    John and I have lost 30 lbs on Body by Vi since Nov 9, 2011!

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