Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HALF PRICE Gasoline With FillerUpClub.

Get Gasoline HALF PRICE and start MAKING money from it instead!
No sponsoring/recruiting is necessary to enjoy the 1/2 price gas !!
Membership is only $10 per month- everyone can afford this !!
Check out FillerUpClub:
That's how many people can join under you in this program !!!

There's No risk. No obligation. So give it a try! You have
nothing to lose AND a lot of happy people that will
thank you for sending this email with your information!
Even if you never tell anyone about this - just enjoy the 1/2 price gas.
That will be well worth the $10 club membership fee.
(You must upgrade to paid member to get gas vouchers, recruit people &amd keep them in your downline under you).

What is the FillerUpClub?

The FillerUpClub is a membership-driven organization
that combines the consumer power of our membership
to buy commodity futures and futures options on gasoline.
We hedge against future gas prices at less per gallon
in the same way as Airlines and Trucking
Companies.  In this fashion, we are able to pass the
savings on to our members through a method of vouchers
and rebates.

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