Sunday, October 31, 2010

MPBToday is already 50,000 members strong

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America ( October 30, 2010 --
MPBToday is a subsidiary of (a home grocery delivery Service based out of Pensacola, Florida). With a view towards supporting the projected $85 billion dollar Grocery Delivery Service in the next five to ten years, the company plans to span the landscape of the US to provide a nation wide home grocery delivery service to a designated 70 million baby boomers and an already existing aging population who consider grocery shopping to be the second least favorite household chore.

At the time of this writing, MPBToday is already 50,000 members strong with a combined membership of reps who can purchase a one-time grocery voucher for only $210 and an ever growing list of customers who receive groceries delivered to their door.

With the purchase of this voucher, (a one-time-investment), a rep has the potential of earning $500 ($300 in cash and a $200 gift card from WalMart) when they cycle in what is called a 2X2 Matrix. Here is how it works. Let us suppose your were shopping in your local grocery store and the manager invited you to make a one time purchase of $210 and then told you that if you refer 2 people to make the same one time purchase, and they in turn refer 2 people as well, you will receive a check for $300 in cash and a $200 gift card from WalMart. For every 6 additional people who make the one time $210 purchase, from the referrals of the original 6, you will get paid an additional $300 in cash and receive a $200 gift card from WalMart. It’s Absolutely Brilliant! After all, who doesn’t shop at WalMart, and who does not want to ultimately eliminate their grocery and gas bills?

The company web site, along with a variety of 3rd party landing pages and marketing systems, makes it easy for reps to introduce this revolutionary concept to friends, family and new prospects: who in today’s economy, are very eager to forge new employment opportunities with the current scarcity of jobs. However, there are literally thousands of reps who are introducing this program ‘belly to belly’ or do so by hosting home parties where they share one or two short video presentations which often includes a video that explains the company’s simple yet generous pay plan.

I think it is worth noting that this ongoing development of the home-cottage entrepreneurial-spirit is very much alive in America in spite of our present economic challenges and job outsourcing. After all, it was this same entrepreneurial pioneering spirit of individualism that ultimately gave rise to the experiment now known as the United States of America. This opportunity is empowering thousands of committed hard working patriots to step up to the plate to get their piece of the pie in pursuit of the American Dream.

In addition to the $300 and the WalMart Gift Card that reps receive upon cycling, the company also offers bonus incentives that increase with the repetition of cycling.

As the company expands nationally with local distribution centers that support its home grocery delivery service, a third source of income which MPBToday calls Phase 3, is a projected commission that reps will receive when customers order. The company is projecting a 5% commission on every grocery order to its reps. A recent study has revealed that the average family spends approximately $500 a month for groceries. Based on this scenario, a rep can derive an approximate commission of $25 per month from every family who spends $500.0 on the purchase of their groceries. Multiply that times 100 or 1000 customers, and one begins to see the income potential. If a rep has signed up 100 families as customers, this translates into $2,500 per month. 500 families = $15,000 per month. Now I tell you, is this better than selling brushes or encyclopedias door to door, or would you rather maintain a garage full of health and cleaning products with a mandatory monthly auto ship of $150.00?

This is a massive undertaking, but MPBToday has a proven track history as it is successfully servicing one of the largest metropolitan areas in Florida with several thousand reps across the country: who are poised to take massive action. MPBToday is rolling out this program in stages, but it is very likely that that the company will grow to be a million member organization of reps and customers in a short amount of time with its plans for expansion. In the way that MPBToday is going about developing this program, I would have to say that MPBToday qualifies as a ‘Category Creator’ as a home grocery delivery service with a vibrant and generous pay plan for all its reps.

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