Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gas Prices keep going up Try Tampogo / Fuel Tech Fuel Tabs

Why choose Fuel Tech Power Tabs?
Fuel Tech Fuel Tabs
while you build a substantial residual income!

Did you know that you can start to feed your wallet and help the environment as soon as you join TamPogo?
This is because TamPogo now offers fuel tabs from Fuel Tech Worldwide. I promise you these tabs will sFuel
 Tech Worldwideave you money on gas. Not only have they been tested in university settings and shown to reduce emissions and increase gas mileage, but they have been tested by countless drivers who meticulously track their gas mileage. Including my good friend Steve. (See below.)

And yes ... they're totally safe for both your car and the environment; measure up to all government standards; and are fully insured.

In fact, with gas now at around $3/gallon, I'm here to tell you that I believe you will at least break even between the cost and savings of these fuel tabs, even while reducing emissions. But most drivers are likely to SAVE MONEY every month by purchasing these tabs. And this means that TamPogo isn't just free to join -- but now, the cost of your monthly purchase is covered with fuel savings!

TAMPOGO NOW COSTS YOU NOTHING PER MONTH, making it even EASIER to grow a team of members and thus to build a great income!

When Steve first encountered these fuel tabs a few years ago, he was skeptical. And he's really a numbers guy. So he wasn't about to just trust the claims of strangers who said they were getting 10-20% better gas mileage when using the tabs. He wanted to see it for himself.

He was driving a 4Runner at the time and getting
16.9 MPG for more than a year. he reset his MPG counter, started using the tabs, and drove for several tanks with a similar driving profile (city/highway). And he couldn't deny the results: he was up to around 18.2 MPG -- about a 7% increase in gas mileage. The company had promised 7-14% increases, and this seemed to fit.
Keep in mind, the car was pretty new and well maintained. From what I've gathered, older cars may see better gas mileage results as the engines will often benefit more from a breakdown of carbon deposits these fuel tabs may promote. And when you're burning fuel more efficiently (leading to the improved gas mileage), you've got fewer emissions heading out the tailpipe and you're helping the environment.

And now, a couple years later Steve wanted to test the fuel tabs once more in order to share them with people through TamPogo. He's in a minivan now, and for almost two years was once again getting 16.9 MPG. He wanted to really be careful about duplicating his driving profile, and he wanted to do so for 1000 miles to really make sure he came up with a fair comparison. So, he tested for more than a month and once again he increased his gas mileage to 18.1 MPG -- about 7%.

How You'll Save Money on Gas
So let me break down the math for you. Remember ... most people will get 7-14% better gas mileage or MPG. Some will get much more. Examples:
You currently by 100 gallons of fuel per month between two cars in your household and filling up 6 times between the two cars. You will use 6 fuel tabs. Gas costs $2.79/gallon.
You're spending $279/month.
7% Savings = $19.53
10% Savings = $27.90
14% Savings = $39.06
6 fuel tabs, including shipping, will cost you $15.54. So in this example, you would save between a little and a lot every month.
Of course you would also have fuel tabs left over. So you could either use these the next month (and from time to time buy other products from TamPogo) OR ... sell or give those tabs away as samples so others can see how much they could be saving. And when they see it, you can introduce them to TamPogo.
President's Circle Bonus
Giving away samples is a great way to grow your business and your income. And if you want to accelerate this process, buy the Fuel Tab President's Circle package for $49.95. Even with shipping, the tabs are now under $1.90 each and you'll have loads to sell or give away as samples each month, potentially building your team even more quickly. And by doing this ... you're also setting yourself up to qualify in time for the lucrative President's Circle bonus. (There are other steps involved.)

TamPogo is FREE with Fuel Tabs
So once again, TamPogo is free to join and now and your monthly purchase can save you more money than it costs. A totally FREE business when all is said and done, and one that can build you a massive residual income if you will share with others and have them do the same.

How Do I Get Involved?
Click Here to Join Tampogo  Join FREE as an iRep, then you're asked to make a minimum of one Fast Track purchase a month to stay active and share in the profits.

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