Sunday, July 11, 2010

Get FREE Groceries For Life! HUGE Income Opportunity!

While searching the internet. I cam across a company called MPB Today. They claim they can give Free groceries for life at Walmart. You would have to pay $210 one time fee and you get $200 worth of groceries. This just seems to good to be true. So i did some research and found a rep from the company that said he just signed up under someone who has cycled 7 times in 7 days = $2100 cash + $1400 in grocery vouchers. He got his checks and vouchers in the mail in 3 days!!

One of our team went to Walmart and made this list of gift cards available to be purchased with our $200 card :

• Visa
• American Express

XBox Live – 1600 points
Xbox Gold Membership
• Farmville – A very popular game on Facebook
• AT & T Pre Paid
AMC Theatres
• Applebees
• Chilis
Red Lobster
• Denny’s
• Pizza Hut

If you're having problems paying your credit card statements, your car notes, car insurance, utility bills, cell phone bills, rent or mortgage payments every month, if you're struggling to get groceries on the table for the family or even putting gas in your car for the week, MPB Today may have a solution for you. Check out the link  for more information on discount groceries and coupons.

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