Friday, July 2, 2010

TamPogo's "FREE" Fundraising Program

TamPogo's Fundraising Program for Nonprofits...

"FREE-To-JOIN" Fundraising Program for Nonprofits offering
'easy-to-reach' and unlimited sources of funding.

Go to the website and Click the
Nonprofit tab.

There's NO COST to join. And there's NO obligation for the Nonprofit to buy or
PAY for anything! Please use the following information when completing the form...
Referred by TamPogo iRep Malendaz Coleman, ID # NP30454.

TamPogo is an 'Affiliate Marketing,' On-line DISCOUNT Buying Club. When supporters
buy high quality products at the discounted prices from the Nonprofit's "FREE" On-line Website, the Nonprofit gets $5.00 for every purchase. In today's economy, TamPogo's "FREE" Fundraising is a 'no-brainer' for TREMENDOUS growth. Your organization and supporters can be part of the new

TamPogo "PEOPLE" Financial Stimulus OPPORTUNITY!

'People HELPING People...!'

P.S. A Fox News video clip on Tampo -

For every $5.00 the Nonprofit receives through TamPogo's "FREE" Fundraising Program,
A Starving CHILD is FED somewhere in the World through the charity

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