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Tampogo Tango Tampogo Tango Tampogo Tango Review

I'm giving you heads up on something that will be a house hold name. This new program launches on Monday. This opportunity is for you to get your position in the company before the flood gates are open. The new program is called tampogo tango. its a 2x2 follow me matrix wit no breakage.

Listen to the July 8, 2010 TamPogo Corporate Call.

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For the most part i am on one of the largest tampogo team. We are predicting massive spill over may take place... I am under a large group of heavy hitters in the company. Once you find out who's behind all this it will blow your mind.. If you must know right now take a quick look below.

key points on who's behind this company:

  1. Ceo is a bio chemist.
  2. Ceo has formulated over 8,000 products.
  3. Ceo was one of the first people on the Internet with a online shopping cart.
  4. Ceo was the Co Founder of my Space.
  5. Ceo is the creator of ProActive skin care product.
  6. Ceo has sold over TWO BILLION dollars worth of health products.
  7. Ceo is behind the success of InterMix (Alena & My Space) that sold to NewsCorp for $650M.

If that's not enough to make you think, well maybe malendaz is on to something. I don't know what to tell you. This company has the potential to be a GIANT in the network marketing world. Who else has a 2x2 force matrix with real products. Not some tired ebooks that had been tossed around the internet like dirty laundry.

Let's Take a Look At The Money
"$how Me the Money"

Here's how it works. YOU make a ONE-TIME OUT OF POCKET purchase of one of the dozens of TamPogo Tango Product Packages for $299 and receive a position in your own Tango Bonus Cube. 

When all 6 positions in your Bonus Cube are filled you will receive a commission of $899.  $600 will be paid in CASH and you will receive another $299 Tango Product Package of your choice. ( worth $350-$400 )

You are then placed at the TOP of your second Tango Bonus Cube and the process starts all over again.

Every time you completely fill your 6 positions and earn $899 you will automatically get assigned a brand new Tampogo Tango Bonus Cube.

Sample Tampogo Tango Commission Cycle Chart

Commission Cycle
Paid in Cash  Tango Product Package
( worth $350-$400 )
  1.    $899.00  $600.00  $299.00
  2. $1,980.00 $1,200 $598.00
  3. $2,797.00 $1,800 $897.00
  4. $3,596.00 $2,400 $1,196
  5. $4,495.00 $3,000 $1,495

Note: You should also know that
$50 volume is also paid to the 8x8 Uni level Plan, when each cube is filled. WoW!!!!!!!!!!! $50.00 x 5 $250.00 monthly residual income.
You Could Cycle Per hour or per day. It does not matter when it happens.

What if i told you that you could share in profit from brick and mortar stores around the country.

Here is just a quick sample of one of many profit sharing programs we have at tampogo like
President's Circle Bonus

President's Circle Bonus
(10% of all President's Circle Products sold in TamPogo and in retail stores)

You should  join for free and see why so many people are so excited with what we have in front of us.... Here is a brief description of what is going on with this company Please Review ===>>>

P.S. I have people in my group that are quitting their jobs... One of them said that what he makes with this new business in a week is what he made all year with his currant job...   

Let's chat soon.

Malendaz Coleman
Online Business and Marketing Coach
Ph: (941) 628-3891
Skype: malendaz


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